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It’s more than just a practice. It’s a state of mind.

Atlantic Counseling for Empowerment, PLLC (ACE) is an ethically motivated, industry-leading, cutting-edge counseling and psychotherapy practice, offering tailored and client-specific treatment for individuals, couples, families, and groups. The practice focuses on evidence-based, equitable, and inclusive care via a hybrid treatment model with both in-person and telemental health services. ACE specializes in solution-focused counseling and insight-oriented therapy with powerful results and positive, long-lasting outcomes.

Culture and Focus: The primary mission of our practice is “to help others help themselves and empower others to power themselves.” In addition to multiculturally competent counseling, psychotherapy, assessments, and evaluations, ACE offers qualified coaching, consulting, and clinical supervision services that embrace diversity.

"To help others help themselves and empower others to power themselves."
- Dr. Scott L. Lipp, Founder & Chief Empowerment Officer

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Dr. Lipp is a consummate professional and emerging leader in the field of Counselor Education. Students and supervisees appreciate his non-judgmental stance, approachability, and humility. Dr. Lipp is also an experienced, highly-skilled practitioner who is dedicated to effecting positive change in his clients via evidence-based, measurement-informed care approaches. Because Dr. Lipp has resided, studied, and practiced in some of the most demographically diverse areas of the country, he is highly culturally aware and competent. It has been my pleasure to work alongside Dr. Lipp – he is a touchstone of collegiality and compassion, assumes a diplomatic approach to team-building and problem-solving, and is a beacon of support and enthusiasm.

 Dr. Tiffany E. Vastardis, Ph.D., LMHC, CCTP


Get the power, feel the power, be empowered; ACE empowers! Get in touch with Dr. Lipp today at, or call (561) 421-3048 for a FREE

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